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Ottawa Furnace Inspections

Get Your HVAC Equipment Inspected By Licensed Gas Technicians



Whether you are buying a new home or want to test the performance of your HVAC system, choose Gas Man to inspect residential heating and cooling equipment.  Our gas technicians are trained to thoroughly complete HVAC inspections.  We check for leaks, shorts & anything that could leak CO into your home.  Gas Man provides furnace and natural gas inspection services in Ottawa. 


ottawa furnace inspections

Red Tagged Furnaces In Ottawa

Natural gas equipment with a red tag means it is dangerous to operate and it cannot be used until inspected and approved by an HVAC Contractor like Gas Man Ottawa.  If you had a red tag put on your furnace, water heater, etc., then call Gas Man and we will perform repairs until it can be safely operated. Some red tags are put on because the equipment is not safe and cannot be repaired.  If this is the case we can happily provide a replacement estimate.

Gasman Ottawa HVAC Contractor

Get Your Furnace & Natural Gas-Equipment Inspected By TSSA Licensed Technicians

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Safety Never Takes A Holiday When Gas Man’s Around!

Get Your Ageing Furnace Inspected Annually 

Be proactive about safety in your home.  Carbon monoxide detectors are the last resort. Schedule your annual maintenance and furnace safety inspection at the same time.  Get the professional advice of gas technicians in Ottawa.