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Natural Gas Fireplace Installation

Trust A PRO Ottawa HVAC Contractor To Install Gas Fireplaces.

Imagine heating your home with a roaring fire. Choose the style of fire that you like and Gas Man can supply & install your dream fire. Choose between log set fires, inserts & built-in fireplaces. Gas Fireplaces have evolved over the years and models now come equipped with alternatives to logs like glass, coal and stone.

Modern gas fireplace

Ottawa Gas Fireplace Renovations

High Quality Installations With Professional Finishes

Gas Man Ottawa installs gas fireplaces and other products like fire tables.  Our installations are permanent and include running gas lines and electricity. Choose from many traditional designs or modern styles.

Gas Fireplace Sales & Installation Process

Schedule an estimate and Gas Man will help you pick out a model of fireplace.  We put together a quote including the fireplace, installation, parts and labour. Once the fire is delivered we will schedule a time to install it soon after. 

Want To Buy Your Fire Somewhere Else?

No Problem. Gas Man Installs Gas Fires From Many Different Retail Stores

There are many great fireplace stores in Ottawa so even if you didn’t buy a fire from Gas Man many customers prefer getting us to install it. We are happy to install them.  

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What Style Of Fireplace Is Right For You?

insert gas fireplace

Insert Fireplace

Insert fireplaces are built inside metal frames and are designed to fit in an existing fireplace. Ventilation can be installed on the exterior of the house or use the existing chimney.
log set gas fireplace

Log Sets

The most economical gas fireplaces burn ceramic logs and can be installed inside an existing fireplace with only gas and electricity required.
log set gas fireplace

Built In Fireplaces

Built-in fireplaces are perfect for homes without access to a chimney. Gas can be vented to an exterior wall and some models require no ventilation at all.

Looking For Gas Fireplace Repairs?

Gas Man Repairs & Maintains Natural Gas Fireplaces In Ottawa.

Learn about the high-performance heating technology that makes tankless systems possible

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Why Choose Gas Man To Install Your Gas Fireplace?

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Natural Gas |  Fireplace Features

Adjustable Flames
Have the ability to increase or decrease the size of the flames.

Remote Control or Smart Connectivity
Turn on the flames with a remote from any smartphone.

Electric Ignition
Save $10/month in pilot light gas.

LED Accent Lights
Adjust the ambient lighting with any colour or brightness.

Built-In Fan
Gas fireplaces are nice to look at but what if they don’t make the room hot? Blowers circulate the hot air around your room making this feature a must-have for Ottawa homes.

Ottawa Gas Fireplace FAQ

How Does The Gas Get Outside?

Your fireplace will be vented to the outside of the house either through an exterior wall or existing chimney. 

How Do I Clean The Fireplace Glass

Make sure the glass is cool and turn off all gas while servicing the appliance. Remove the louvres and take out the glass pane. Wipe both sides with household glass cleaner are reassemble.  Make sure to always read the manual.  

Clean Your Glass After First Use

After the first use make sure you thoroughly clean the glass as per the instructions from the manufacturer. 

Can I Shut Off The Pilot Light In The Summer?

Because of the high humidity, Ottawa isn't the best place to leave a gas fireplace dormant for too long. It's best to keep it running unless there is a reason to shut it off. 

Where To Install Gas Fireplaces?

Ottawa homeowners install their gas fireplace in almost every place you can imagine.  With so many designs there is a fire that can match your bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, living room, basement, or even backyard!

What Are The Best Gas Fireplace Manufacturers?

Some of the best-known brands in Ottawa are Continental, Marquis, Napolean, Valor & Regency.  

Need Style Ideas For Your Gas Fireplace

Check Out The Ottawa Gas Fireplace Blog

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Fireplaces offer more than just extra heating… they are a place for the whole family to enjoy and spend together sitting around.