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Ottawa Ventilation Experts

Increased Fuel Efficiency, Control Humidity & Improve Air Quality

Improve heating & cooling efficiency & indoor air quality with ventilation equipment from Gas Man Ottawa. Ventilation increases the fresh air in your home but in a very efficient way. Think of ventilation like opening a window without losing any heat! Plus ventilation helps control humidity which makes heating and cooling more efficient too.

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What Is Ventilation?

Heating Ventilaiton & Air Conditioning (HVAC)

Ventilation allows your home climate system to introduce fresh new air into your home by venting air to the outside.  Ventilation can be achieved simply by opening a window but for most of the year in Ottawa, that is not an affordable solution.  Even the most basic furnace and air conditioners have ventilation that exhausts the air outside the home.  To increase ventilation and decrease energy consumption homeowners should look into mechanical ventilation solutions. 


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Mechanical Ventilation 

Like Opening A Window Without Letting The Heat Escape The House

Pumping warm air out of the house just to suck in fresh cold air and reheat it isn’t efficient.  For Ottawa homeowners who want to increase ventilation without using more natural gas should consider mechanical ventilation solutions.  Mechanical ventilation is also commonly referred to as Heat Recovery Ventilation (HRV) & Energy Recovery Ventilation (ERV).

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Heat Recovery Ventilation

HRV is mechanical ventilation installed in residential homes.  It greatly improves the air quality and efficiency of your heating system in the winter months.  Warm stale air is vented outside and replaced with cold outside air… in most homes.  HRV heat up the new air by transferring heat from the exhausted air. HRV systems will also remove humidity from the air in the winter.

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Energy Recovery Ventilation

ERV systems offer the same efficiency improvements when compared to HRV.  ERV systems have the capability to increase humidity in the dry winter & remove humidity in the hot summer.  Choosing between ERV & HRV isn’t easy but that’s why our home climate experts are available to help and assess your needs.  

Residential Flue Vents Installed

Needed For Fireplace, Furnace, Water Heater, Boilers & More HVAC Equipment.

We repair and install flue ventilation in residential homes.  A flue vent lets your HVAC equipment exhaust the gases to the exterior. Flues can be designed to operate to draw or exhale depending on how it’s being used. 

No matter the ventilation you need, Gas Man can provide an estimate on repairing a broken off flue vent, or upgrading your whole home climate system. 

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Ventilation FAQ

What Is HRV?

Heat Recovery Ventilation introduces fresh indoor air while reclaiming the lost heat during the process. They also have the added benefit of eliminating excess humidity in the winter.  HRV is designed to only work in the cold.

What's ERV?

Energy Recovery Ventilation increases fresh air intake in the winter.  It also increases humidity in the winter and decreases humidity in the summer.

What's Better For Me HRV or ERV?

Depending on your needs HRV and ERV do similar but specific things.  Most homeowners in Ottawa will benefit more from Energy Recovery Ventilation features but Heat Recovery Ventilation is more efficient in the winter. Talk to Gasman about what's right for your home. 

How Is Mechanical Ventilation Controlled

HRV and ERV systems connect to your central climate system and can be controlled via a remote, app, or on your thermostat controls.  Each model is different and ventilation doesn't require frequent changes like the temperature settings. 

What Speed Should I Set My Ventilation?

Low settings are enough for most homeowners. 

My Ventilation Is Dripping Water Is That Normal?

Yes as there is moisture in the air and a huge difference in temperature between indoor and outdoor air, some condensation is normal. 

Does Mechanical Ventilation REquire Maintenance?

Like most HVAC equipment ventilation requires service.  We recommend having your HRV or ERV maintenance completed at the same time you service your other heating and cooling equipment inside the home. 

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Ventilation Imrpoves Efficiency & Air Quality

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