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Ottawa Pool Heaters

Use Your Pool More Often & Extend The Swimming Season Into September

People always wonder what is the cost of heating your pool in Ottawa. That depends on the size of your pool, temperature settings & pool heater efficiency. The Gas Man customers pool in this photo costs $4/night to maintain a constant 85-degree temperature for the month of July. 

gas heated pool

Get Your Pool Heater Installed By A Professional 

We Are The Gas Technicians Pool Contractors Call For Permits & Gas Fitting. 

Pool contractors do a lot of work that we don’t specialize in but when it comes to installing gas lines and pool heaters Gas Man works directly with homeowners to supply and install pool heaters in Ottawa.  Our gas technicians are TSSA licensed and can disconnect your gas line without having to wait for Enbridge. Choosing an HVAC technician to install your new pool heater is a decision you won’t regret!

hayward gas pool heater

Heat Pump Vs. Gas Pool Heater

Which Solution Is the Best For Heating Ottawa Pools?

Gas pool heaters use burners to heat the water and actively pass a tremendous amount of energy into the water over a short time. Heat pumps are more efficient and use the ambient temperature & pressurized gas to heat the water at a slower steady rate.  The purchase price of a heat pump is higher but the operating cost is lower. With temperatures around 25 degrees, the average pool owner saves less than $125 per season on gas.  The short Ottawa swimming season hinders the superior performance of investing in a heat pump pool heater.

rheem pool heater

Pool Heater Maintenance

Keep Your Pool Heater For Longer Than 10 Years

Pool heaters have shorter lifespans compared to air conditioners and furnaces but that’s mainly because people don’t schedule a pool heater tune-up often enough – or ever.  Servicing your pool heater regularly is important to keep it running efficiently. Our pool heater maintenance includes servicing all components both mechanical and electrical. 

When winterizing your pool always remember to remove the pressure sensor and empty remaining water. 

gas pool heater installed by gasman

How Long Does It Take You To Get In The Water?

Eliminate The Hesitation With Gas Man Pool Heaters

For just a few dollars a day you can have warm pool water & get more use from your pool.  More exercise, more family time, and more fun!  The frequency of afternoon thunderstorms in Ottawa makes our swimming season even shorter! Treat yourself & your family and invest in a professionally installed gas pool heater this year. 

get a pool heater for your ottawa pool

Why Choose Gas Man To Install Your Pool Heater?

pool heater icon

Professional Installation Of Pool Heaters By Licensed Gas Technicians

Gas Man Ottawa Is Authourized To Diagnose & Repair Gas Pool Heaters

Customers Are Protected By Our Labour Guarantee. Know Your Pool Heater Was Installed Right

Professionally Installed On Concrete Pads With Gas Pipes Underground Or Run ALong The Parging

We Fill Out Your Product Registration Card To All You Need To Do Is Drop It In The Mail For FREE Extended Warranty Coverage

Ottawa | Gas Pool Heaters

Pilot Light or Electric Start
Pilot lights waste gas and can be difficult to ignite sometimes. Electronic ignitions are more convenient.

BTUs Size Of Pool Heater
Pool heater range in size from 100-350 BTU.  Our gas technicians help you pick out the proper size to heat your pool.

Efficiency Ratings
Pool heaters range between 55-80% efficiency.  The higher the efficiency the lower the operation costs… the lower the operating costs the higher the purchase price.  


Ottawa Pool Heater FAQ

Should I Invest In A Heat Pump?

Heat pumps are far more efficient than gas heaters but the short swimming season in Ottawa minimizes the cost savings.  Depending on how often you heat your pool heat pumps can be beneficial.  Speak with a gas technician to determine which product is best for you. 

Will A Blanket Reduce My Gas Bills?

Yes. Solar pool blankets can reduce pool heating costs by 50%. 

Can I Add A Pool Heater Later?

Yes, the plumbing connects to your water pump and filters.  Then we run a gas line from the meter to your pool equipment.  

Will You Winterize My Pool Heater?

For the best value, you should schedule maintenance service and get all the burners & coils cleaned at the same time. 

If you hired a pool company to winterize your pool heater make sure you remove the pressure sensor to expel any leftover water.

My Pool Heater Isn't Turning On?

For safety, pool heaters require high pressure or they won't ignite.  Chances are your filter is dirty and the pressure is low.  Backwash your pool and run the variable speed pump at 100% power to test pool heater functionality. 

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