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Oil To Gas Conversions 

Ottawa Home’s Benefit From Upgrading To Natural Gas Heating. Runs Run On Clean, Efficient & Affordable Energy With Service From Gas Man Ottawa.

Make the switch and start saving money on fuel, maintenance, repairs & oil-burning furnaces. Very few modern homes use oil-burning heating equipment and when replacing oil-burning furnaces there isn’t as much selection or high-efficiency options available.  Schedule a FREE estimate and work with Ottawa’s most trusted HVAC contractor.  

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Oil To Gas Conversions |  Process

Contact Enbridge Infrastructure

Call Enbridge infrastructure (1-888-427-8888) to learn if natural gas lines can be installed in your neighbourhood. In rural Ottawa neighbourhoods, this natural gas is usually available.  They will confirm everything with you before you contact an HVAC Contractor.

Get A Quote From Gas Man

In order to have Enbridge install natural gas to your property, you must work with a licensed natural gas company in Ottawa. The HVAC contractor visits your home and provides an estimate on the cost to convert your home to use natural gas as well as the installation costs of running gas lines from the Enbridge main to your gas meter. HVAC Contractors require a deposit for oil to gas conversions but estimates are always free.

HVAC Contractors Prepares Application To Enbridge

Your HVAC contractor prepares a proposal and will submit an application directly to Enbridge.  Once the proposal is approved Gas Man schedules a date to complete the gas conversions. 

Oil to Gas Service Installation

Once the gas lines are connected to your home our professional TSSA gas technicians will remove your old oil burning equipment and convert everything to run on gas.  

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Why Convert Your Home From Oil To Gas?

save money on

Cheaper Fuel

When you factor in delivery and fuel cost the average Ottawa home will pay $2500 to heat with oil versus $750 using natural gas.  Converting your home just got a lot cheaper!

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Natural gas is a cleaner-burning, easily accessible natural resource in Canada. Forget about burning oil & switch to an environmentally friendly energy source. 

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Forget about scheduling and paying for oil deliveries because with natural gas your heating system is connected to Enbridge gas lines. 

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Home Equity

Upgrading your house to a cleaner, more efficient, sustainable fuel source will make your home’s equity improve from the day it’s installed. 

Converting Your Home Just Got A Lot Cheaper

Save 300-400% Savings On Your Heating Bills.


Annual Cost Heating With Oil



Annual Cost Heating With Natural Gas


Should You Convert Your Home To Run On Propane or Natural Gas?

Less than 10% of the homes in Ottawa are heated by oil.  HVAC equipment manufacturers aren’t innovating when it comes to oil-based heating.  When buying furnaces there are way more choices in natural gas burning models.  Natural gas homes are connected to Enbridge gas lines so there are no more scheduling deliveries with hefty surcharges.  Our gas technicians work with local utilities to prepare your property and home from gas lines to be installed in your neighbourhood.  

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Why Convert Your Home From Oil To Natural Gas?

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Compare The Costs Of Heating With Oil Versus Gas & Get An ROI Fast

Licensed Gas Technicians Take Care Of Planning, Permits & Working With Enbridge To Modernize Your Home

Our Labour Guarantee Means Your Conversion Was Installed Properly

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Gas Man Natural Gas Technicians will help you at each step of the way. To residential homeowners, oil conversions can seem like a big project but for our experts, it’s our profession!  Let us quote your conversion project and work with professional Ottawa HVAC contractors.