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Home Thermostat Installation

Upgrade Your Ottawa Home By Installing A Smart Connected Heating & Cooling Thermostat

Gas Man offers basic thermostats and high tech wifi connected models from Ecobee & Nest, Honeywell & more.  We supply the hardware (thermostat) and do the installation.  You don’t need to purchase the thermostat from us to have it installed by our home climate pro’s.

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Get A Great Deal On Smart Thermostat Hardware

Smart Thermostats Devices Are Cheaper Than Your Think & Sold Everywhere

Sure upgrading to a smart thermometer will save you money thanks to its intelligent energy-saving features but think about having the ability to control climate from your bed, office, or anywhere with Wifi. Smart thermostats offer affordable luxury and are easily installed with help from an HVAC Contractor. 

Seriously Save Energy & Reduce Energy Bills

Extra Temperature Sensors, AI Climate Concierge & Convenient Apps Make This Home Upgrade A Must Have For Ottawa 

With multiple temperature sensors, you can leave one in the bedroom and eliminate uneven heating or cooling inside the home.  Let the computer take over and automatically adjust the temperature when it thinks your wasting energy or have left for work and forgot to turn off the heating and cooling. Plus, controlling everything from your phone makes saving energy easier than before. 

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Got Your Thermostat Somewhere Else?

No Problem. Gas Man Installs All Smart Thermostats.

We are happy to see people get great deals on home climate upgrades.  Whether you got your smart thermostat at Amazon, Best Buy or Home Depot our gas technicians install it. 

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Choose Gas Man To Replace Your Home Climate Thermostat?

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Easy Estimate - Pick Any Thermostat Then We'll Give You A Guaranteed Price For Hardware & Installation

Authourized To Diagnose & Repair HVAC Thermostats

Gas Man's Labour Guarantee Means You Know Your Thermostat Was Installed Right

Professional Wall Mounting & Configuration Provided

We Fill Out Your Product Registration Card To All You Need To Do Is Drop It In The Mail For FREE Extended Warranty Coverage

Home Smart Thermostats |  Common Features

Wifi Connectivity
Connect to your thermostat from anywhere in the world, bedroom, or office. 

Energy Saving AI
Did you ever turn on the heat with the intention of shutting off but fell asleep? Smart thermostats can automatically adjust climate settings based on intelligent software.

Energy Reporting
See how your household consumer energy. Set your targets and be alerted when over-consuming. 

Multiple Temperature Sensors
Introducing multiple temperature sensors that communicate wirelessly helps avoid hot and cold zones inside your Ottawa home.

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Upgrade Your Ottawa Home With A New Thermostat

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