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Ottawa Furnace Installation

Buy Your Next Furnace From Gas Man & Get It Installed By The Professionals


Thinking about replacing your old furnace with something more efficient that will cost less to run and heat your home better?  Gas Man has a wide selection of furnaces from Rheem and other great manufacturers.  Gas Man is here to answer any question you have about the installation process & pricing. All the furnaces we carry come with long warranties and Gas Man provides a parts & labour guarantee on top. 

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Why Buy Your Furnace From Gas Man Ottawa?

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FREE In Home Estimate To Find The Perfect Furnace For Your Home & Budget

Authourized Furnace Repair Means If You Need Warranty Service - Its Just One Call!

All Furnace Installations Are Protected By Labour Guarantee - So You Know The Job Was Done Right

One Of Ottawa's Highest Rated Furnace Installers

Before We Leave Our Technicians Prefill Your Warranty/Registration Card. The Small Details Make Our Service Better.

Choose The Right Furnace For Your Home & Budget

Gas Man carries a wide range of furnaces to match the amount of BTU’s your house needs to be heated efficiently. Choose between high value economical furnaces with basic features, modern efficiency & excellent energy ratings or a furnace with smart AI-controlled functionality, internet connectivity & incredibly high energy efficiency ratings. The most important feature when replacing your furnace is choosing the correct size (BTU) to match your requirements.

When It Comes To Home Climate Equipment Think Like Goldie Locks – Not Too Big, Not Too Small – Just Right

Modern Furnace Features

High-Efficiency Rating
Energy Star Certification
Variable Speed Motors
Two-Stage Operation
AFUE Score (Energy Efficient)
Internet Connectivity
iOS/Android Apps

Buying Modern Furnace With Smart Technology

Luxury Comfort – Increase temperatures settings when you wake up & automatically turn down temperatures when you leave or enter the home. 

Alerts –  Get timely reminders about when to schedule maintenance and change air filters

Exact Comfort – Put extra temperature sensors around the home to ensure the desired comfort level is achieved. 

One Button Warranty Service – Need a repair, service or maintenance? Get in contact with your HVAC contractor through your furnace app. 

AI Energy Conservation – Let the app take control of home heating decisions by automatically adjusting temperatures based on weather forecasts and it continually learns about your temperature preferences & schedule. 

Ottawa Furnace Installation FAQ

How Long Does Furnace Installation Take?

Furnace installations usually take 1-2 people more than half of a day.  That time can vary depending on the location of the furnace, the accessibility of the area & the removal of the old furnace.  We take all these into consideration when scheduling jobs. 

Are Gas Man Furnaces Warrantied?

Furnaces we sell & install are covered thoroughly by a manufacturer warranty. Gasman is authorized to repair furnaces which means if you experience a defect we can order & install genuine replacement parts directly from the manufacturer.  After installing your furnace we provide you with the registration card to commence your warranty with the installation date of your furnace. 

Are There Any Furnace Rebates?

Ask during our free estimate if there are any currently running government programs for rebates on energy-efficient furnace upgrades. Also under our resources section, you'll find a section on any HVAC purchase rebates we are aware of.  For the latest information check with Enbridge & National Resources Canada for eligibility. 

What Is A Ultra Efficient Condensing Furnace?

Condensing furnaces are the most efficient & expensive models available in Ottawa.  They have a secondary built in heat exchanger that extracts energy from the exhaust, energy that is put back into your home instead of being wasted by simply venting it outside. 

What Is The Process Of Replacing A Furnace?

After requesting an estimate, we send technicians to you and determine the size and energy requirements of your home.  During our consultation, our staff will help you pick out the right size of furnace to replace your old one.  We use Jobber to send customers digital quotations so they can easily approve, reject or modify the HVAC services. Finally, we schedule a day that is convenient for you to have us come do the work. 

Does Gas Man Do Furnace Maintenance?

We provide maintenance on all makes and models of furnaces in Ottawa. Our professional gas technicians inspect, lubricate, test & clean every mechanical & electrical component of your heating equipment. 

What Is A 2 Stage Furnace?

Most furnaces operate at 100% power or 0% power.  Furnaces continually run at 1005 power until the desired (set) temperature has been reached. 

Advanced furnaces have two-stage heating controls that let it operate more efficiently.  The main benefits are that it improves temperature consistency, reduces unnecessary wear on the heating coils & helps reduce energy costs.

Why A Variable Speed Fan Motor?

Also known as electronically commutated motor (ECM) variable speed motors can gradually ramp up fan spin depending on the amount of airflow required.  

Benefits of an ECM are:

-Whisper quiet furnace operation
-eliminates sudden air blast when heating equipment kicks on. 
-The fan uses 66% less electricity while operating at a low speed. 
-Improve air quality with constant (low energy, low noise) fan operation.
-Better temperature control, humidity control and air distribution in the home. 

When shopping for a new furnace in Ottawa inquire about furnaces that have variable speed motors. 


What Furnace Brands Do You Carry?

Whenever selling and installing furnaces in Ottawa we always choose products that are built to last, have robust warranties & are designed to be repairable long into their life expectancy. We supply and install furnaces from all major brands like Rheem, Trane, Carrier, Goodman, Amana, Bryant, York & More.  Our heating solutions will favour furnaces that offer exceptional value & quality.  If we wouldn't put it in our home then we won't put it in yours. 

Do You Repair Furnaces?

Gasman repairs all makes and models of furnaces. In fact, we are an authorized furnace repair contractor so Gasman makes it easy to diagnose, estimate & repair furnaces.  Whether under warranty or not we repair broken furnaces daily in Ottawa. 

What Is AFUE?

AFUE is the annual fuel utilization efficiency which measures how efficiently your furnace uses its fuel.  The more efficient the furnace the more heat it will produce per one unit of natural gas used.

High AFUE ratings are recommended for Ottawa homes since our heating equipment is used for almost 6 months of the year. 

What Is A Good AFUE Rating?

For natural gas furnaces installed in Ottawa here are the general guidelines:

$ Economical 55-65%
$$ High Efficiency 78-84%
$$$ Condensing Furnaces 90-97%

Need More Information On Furnaces? Check Out The Ottawa Furnace Blog  

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