Ottawa Air Conditioner Maintenance

Professional HVAC Tune-Up Service For Residential Heating & Cooling

Extend the life expectancy of your air conditioner by keeping it running smoothly with regular maintenance.  Also, improve cooling performance and reduce operating costs by taking care of your air conditioning equipment.  For pricing on our maintenance service call Gas Man and schedule your AC maintenance today.

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Why Choose Gas Man For Air Conditioner Maintenance?

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Professional Air Conditioner Maintenance Service

Licensed Gas Technicians Provide Authourized Air Conditioner Maintenance

Keep Your Air Conditioner Warranty Intact With Regular Service

Five Star Customer Experience From Scheduling To Service

Get Trusted Advice About The Condition Of Aging Cooling Equipment From Ottawa's Best HVAC Contractor

Looking For Our Air Conditioner Repair Service?

Learn About Our Air Conditioning Repairs

Avoid sudden repairs on your home cooling equipment with regular maintenance service from Gas Man technicians. If you need AC repair in Ottawa call us for more information or click the link below.

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Air Conditioner Maintenace Checklist

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Our gas technicians carefully and thoroughly inspect your air conditioner to make sure it’s performing great!  Air conditioning tune-ups are great for extending the life of any residential cooling equipment.  Set up a maintenance schedule with Gas Man Ottawa that makes sense based on the amount of usage, age and condition of your air conditioner.


Check & clean condenser coils ensuring proper pressure levels


Thermocharge air conditioners by checkin optimal refrigerant levels


Controllers, safeties, relays are inspected and cleaned to help avoid unnecessary ware on the motor and blower


Wiring is inspected to loose connections, damage, corrosion & hungry critters


Serviceable parts removed, changed, lubricated & cleaned


Voltage & amperage checked to keep operating costs optimal


Thermostat calibration & inspection


Motors are cleaned, inspected & lubricated as needed

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Make sure your air conditioner will last the entire summer with a maintenance service from Gas Man Ottawa. We specialize in servicing ageing air conditioners and extending the life expectancy of ageing home cooling equipment.  For residential HVAC service from trained gas technicians call Gas Man to set up a maintenance schedule that suits your needs.