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Ottawa Hot Water Tank Repair Service

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Fixing broken hot water heaters might not be an “HVAC emergency” but Gas Man Ottawa treats them like one.  That is why we prioritize water heater repairs so you won’t be without hot water for longer than a day.  Our customers rely on us for fast reliable service even when water heaters break unexpectedly. Call Gas Man and we can estimate how long before we can come to fix it for you. 

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Why Choose Gas Man To Repair Broken Hot Water Heaters?

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Replacing  Older Hot Water Tanks?

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With new high-efficiency water heater available in Ottawa replacing your older model with brand new equipment is an investment that will provide peace of mind knowing your equipment won’t need repaired & help reduce your monthly natural gas bills. 

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Emergency Ottawa Hot Water Tank Repair

If your hot water heater goes offline and needs a repair our water tank repair technicians are willing to help. For priority, emergency repairs call Gas Man Ottawa at 613-880-3888.  Our water heater repairs are guaranteed to be installed correctly.  As HVAC Contractors we are authorized to diagnose broken water heaters and provide warranty repairs.  For HVAC repair services in Ottawa choose the most trusted gas technicians.  

Gas Man Fixes Hot Water Tanks & Gas Water Heaters In Kanata, Barrhaven, Orleans, Vanier, Nepean and Surrounding Ottawa Area. 

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Troubleshooting Broken Water Heaters Repair In Ottawa

Thermocouple – Thermocouples are simple devices that when heated tell your water heater that the pilot light is lit. Bad thermocouple results in your hot water tank pilot light to turn off. 

Control Valve (Thermostat) – The temperature setting on the outside of your water heater might be broken resulting in the water temperature being colder or warmer than the desired setting.  Alternatively, the thermostat inside your hot water heater could be defective causing the discrepancy in water temperatures. 

Distributor Valve – Do some of the faucets in your home have lukewarm water and other’s hot water? You aren’t going crazy – if this is happens in your home then you probably have a broken distributor valve.   

Leaking Water – Leaking water can be the result of a blocked drain, overflow valve or damaged seals.

Rusty Water – Is the hot water in your hot water heater brown?  As heating elements get old they corrode and cause hot water to become dirty.  Most older hot water tanks have corrosion and homeowners are never aware unless the water is agitated.  To avoid this problem always have your hot water tank maintained and flush the water from the tank periodically. 

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