Ottawa Pool Heater Repairs

Trust Professional Gas Technicians When Fixing Broken Pool Heaters.

Gas Man repairs gas pool heaters in Ottawa.  One of the most common repairs is replacing pressure sensors that weren’t winterized in the fall.  We provide repairs for pool heaters that are still covered by manufacturer warranties. As licensed HVAC contractors we are authourized to diagnose and repair broken gas pool heaters in Ottawa. 

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Why Choose Gas Man Ottawa To Repair Your Pool Heater?

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Licensed Gas Technicians Can Safely Disconnect Gas Fittings To Fully Service Equipment

Authourized To Provide Warrantied Installation & Repair

Access To Genuine Replacement Parts

High Quality Workmanship & Results

Get An Estimate On The Cost Of Repairing Your Broken Pool Heater & Know The Costs Before Deciding

Should You Replace Your Pool Heater?

Learn About Gas Man Pool Heater Installations

Depending on the age, condition and energy efficiency of your current pool heater it might make more economical sense to replace your old pool heater.  Speak to our gas technicians about the cost of repairing versus the cost of replacing broken pool heaters.  Or click the link and read about our Ottawa Pool Heater sales & installation service. 

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Why Trust HVAC Contractors With Pool Heater Repairs?

With the swimming season so short in Ottawa you need your pool heater up and running for the whole summer.  Getting your pool heater repaired by HVAC contractors means faster repairs as there is no need to call Enbridge workers to assist with gas services and connections.  As licensed gas technicians we are authorized to work safely on residential gas piping.  

Pool Heater Repair Service Are Available Across Ottawa, Kanata, Barrhaven, Orleans & Gloucester.

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Common Pool Heater Repairs In Ottawa

Damaged Pressure Sensor – Pool companies often refuse to touch natural gas equipment when performing pool closures.  Winterizing pool heaters requires the removal of the pressure sensor.  Failure to do this can result in any remaining water to expand and crack the device. Every spring we replace numerous cracked pressure sensors in Ottawa pool heaters.

Pilot Lights Not Lighting- Pilot light not lighting can be the result of poor gas flow, ignition source or thermocouple malfunction.

Pilot Light Going Out – If your pilot keeps extinguishing it is most likely the result of environmental conditions like wind.  Installing a chimney on your pool heater is one of the best ways to help fight against pilot lights blowing out.

Leaking Pool Heater – Leaks can be the result of loose fittings, damaged seals or cracked piping.  If your heater is cracked due to age or poor maintenance replacement is usually the only option.

Pool Heater Not Firing Up – Is the water pressure too low?  Check the water pressure on your pump and backwash the sand filter.  Turn on the pump to maximum power and try the pool heater again. 


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Repair Your Gas Pool Heater With Gas Man 

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Our gas technicians carefully diagnose your broken pool heater and provide an estimate of the cost to repair it.  Our pool heater repair service is provided by HVAC professionals who know how every part of your gas pool heater works.  Don’t just get anyone to repair broken pool heaters, get licensed gas fitters. Schedule your estimate and repair now.