Ottawa Gas Fireplace Repairs

Professional Gas Technicians Service Electrical, Mechanical & Natural Gas Related Repairs.

No matter where or when you bought your gas fireplace if it isn’t working our experts can get it working perfectly.  Common fireplace repairs include pilot lights not lighting or staying lit, ventilation problems, gas line blockages & electrical components that control the fire.  

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Why Choose Gas Man Ottawa To Repair Your Gas Fireplace?

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Experienced Gas Technicians Have Repaired Hundreds Of Successful Fireplaces

Licensed Gas Technicians Provide Authourized Gas Fireplace Repairs

Warrantied Fireplace Repairs Include Genuine Replacement Parts

Repairs Performed By Friendly & Experienced HVAC Professionals

Gas Man Ottawa Services Everything From Gas Fittings, Ventilation, Blowers, & More

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Learn About Our Maintenance Service

Like all gas equipment, regular maintenance is required to keep your natural gas fireplace running great.  Scheduling service from our gas technicians results in greater efficiency, cleaner flames and a reliable fireplace that won’t suddenly breakdown.  Learn about the maintenance service provided by Gas Man Ottawa. 

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Type Of Gas Fireplaces We Repair

Since we are HVAC contractors, we repair all kinds of fireplaces that include gas stoves, inserts, log fires, and built-in units.  We also repair fireplaces made by Monessen, Majestic, Napoleon, Continental and other manufacturers too. Let our fireplace repair technicians come into your home and provide an estimate of the cost of repairing fireplaces. No matter the type of gas fireplace in your home Gas Man technicians can provide repair service. 

Our Repair Technicians Are Working In Kanata, Manotick, Barrhaven, Orleans & The Surrounding Areas.

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Troubleshooting Gas Fireplace Repairs In Ottawa

Gas Smell – If you smell natural gas then it is important to get a professional gas technician to inspect your fireplace immediately.  Leaking natural gas can be the result of gas fittings leaking, pilot light malfunction or ventilation problems. Call Gas Man to eliminate any more gas smells coming from your gas fireplace.

Pilot Light – Pilot lights can either not stay lit or not ignite.  If the pilot light isn’t staying on it could be the gas flow or thermocouple.  If the pilot light won’t ignite it could be the starter or gas flow problem.  We repair fireplaces that won’t turn or stay on.

Dirty Fireplace – Soot accumulating inside the gas fireplace could indicate a problem with the ventilation or chimney.  If your gas fireplace is excessively dirty and needs frequent cleaning you might need to schedule a fireplace repair.

Electrical Issues – If the remote control won’t turn on your fireplace then there could be a problem with the wiring or circuit board that controls the fireplace.  As an authorized HVAC repair contractor we can order electrical components for most gas fireplaces. 

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If your gas fireplace won’t stay on, is leaking gas, has low or discoloured flames then call Gas Man Ottawa to diagnose the problem and offer a repair.  We have experienced repair specialists who’ve fixed gas fireplaces from every brand sold in Ottawa.  Whether under the manufacturer warranty or not Gas Man can fix broken gas fireplaces.