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Super Efficient Home Heating, Cooling Machines Installed By Gas Man Ottawa

Heat Pumps don’t actually heat or cool the air like an air conditioner or furnace does. They simply transfer energy between outdoor and indoor air. Heat pumps are so efficient that even a slight temperature difference and they still work. Traditionally heat pumps were only for moderate climate but not they come with auxiliary heating and are great for Ottawa homes!

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Gas Man Installs Heat Pumps In Ottawa Homes

Reduce heating & cooling costs by 30-50% With A Super Efficient Heat Pump

Get a heat pump installed by Gas Man Ottawa HVAC services and see your energy bills drop! Our heat pumps are ultra-efficient and work in conjunction with your furnace or air conditioner. Heat pumps don’t just heat and cool, they also control humidity. Controlling the humidity inside your home reduces heating and cooling costs & it makes the air more comfortable.

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Kinds Of Heat Pumps

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Air Source Heat Pumps

Air source systems use and indoor and outdoor air handlers that use HVAC refrigerant between each unit.  As the refrigerant moves it transfers energy between coils. Air source heat pumps significantly reduce energy consumption by up to 50%. 

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Ductless Mini-Split

Mini Splits use an indoor head unit and outdoor condensing unit.  Like an air source heat pump, refrigerant flows between the two heating and cooling devices. Ductwork accounts for 30% of heat loss so mini-split systems are efficient at heating and cooling homes. 

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Geothermal Heat Pump

Geothermal systems use ground water to transfer energy instead of a refrigerant. Liquid flows from a central unit and is constantly cycling water which is warmed or cooled by the 50 degree temperature underground. Not suitable for all customers. 

Why Choose Gas Man Ottawa For Heat Pump Installation?

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Super Efficient Low Energy Heating & Cooling

Professionally Installed By Licensed HVAC Technicians

Guaranteed Labour & Warrantied Heat Pump Equipment

30-50% Increase In Home Climat Energy Efficiency

Get An Estimate To Assess Your Homes Heat Pump Needs In Ottawa

Think About All The Benefits Of Owning A Heat Pump

> Super Cost Efficient To Operate
> Reduce Your Homes Carbon Footprint
> Increase The Value Of Your Home
> No Combustion For A Quiet Climate
> Ductless Heat Pumps Available

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Looking For Super Efficient Home Heating & Cooling?

Get Professional Advice From Ottawa’s Best HVAC Contractors

Not sure if a heat pump is right for your Ottawa home?  Call Gas Man and meet with our friendly and professional gas technicians.  We will assess your energy needs and provide expert and honest advice about what HVAC solution is best for your home climate.