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Choose Gas Man gas technicians for a professional furnace repair inside your home. We are authorized to repair all makes of furnaces which means we have access to thousands of genuine replacement parts for broken furnaces. Emergency furnace repairs are available on weekends, holidays and after hours. For reliable furnace repairs in Ottawa call Gas Man for a free estimate at 613-880-3888.

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If your furnace is older than 15 years and was an entry-level model when purchased, it might make sense to replace it with a modern high-efficiency model.  Our gas technicians are always available to assess the condition of your broken furnace and help you decide which option makes sense for your home & budget. 

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Emergency Ottawa Furnace Repairs

Is your furnace not working properly?  Or even worse, your home’s heating suddenly stopped working?  Gas Man Ottawa is ready to provide emergency repair service and fix your broken furnace.  If your repair can’t wait, call Gas Man and request an emergency repair.  Our gas technicians can come after hours, through the night, on weekends and during holidays. If its the middle of winter you can’t wait for a furnace repair no matter when it happens.

No matter where you live in Ottawa and the surrounding areas, we aim to provide fast, affordable furnace repairs in Orleans, Gloucester, Ottawa, Kanata, Barrhaven, South Keys & surrounding areas.

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Troubleshooting Furnaces Common Repairs In Ottawa

Thermostat Problem – Check the basic settings on your thermostat.  Double-check the thermostat has power and make sure the thermostat is switched to “heat” mode.  

Furnace Breaker Switch – Electrical breakers switch to protect your furnace from fluctuations in electricity.  Check the breakers on your electrical panel and make sure they are all turned on.  Even if it is on switch it back and forth to confirm. 

Furnace Is On But There Is No Heat – Check your furnace filter and make sure that it isn’t clogged. 

If you can see, check the flames inside the furnace, if they are yellow and orange then you might just have dirty burners.  Dust can accumulate in the summer which can be remedied by maintaining your furnace.  

Furnace Safety Switch – If the door on your furnace came loose there is a switch that pops out.  Double-check the furnace door safety switch hasn’t been tripped. 

Bad Electronics – There are many electrical components inside your furnace. Ignition, pilot lights & limit switches can all suddenly stop working.  We can order replacement parts and swap them out if they become defective. 

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For over 15 years Gas Man has provided 5-star heating and cooling repairs in Ottawa.  As one of Ottawa’s trusted HVAC contractors our gas technicians provided authorized warranty service on all makes and models of gas furnaces.