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Ottawa Heat Pump Maintenance

Heat Pump HVAC Services

Even with just a slight temperature difference heat pumps can heat the air using very little energy. Since heat pumps operate so efficiently it is a great idea to keep your heat pump operating in peak condition. Gas Man heat pump maintenance service helps improve heating performance, increases efficiency and should extend the lifespan of HVAC equipment.

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Installing heat pumps are the perfect low cost, ultra-efficient heating choice for modern houses and for heating pools.  If you are looking to have a heat pump installed in your home contact Gas Man for an estimate of click the link below to learn more.

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Heat Pump Maintenace Checklist

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Let our expert gas technicians service your heat pump and make sure every part of the system is functioning at maximum efficiency.  Our heat pump maintenance service includes a thorough inspection of all items listed here. 


Check and adjust the heat pump thermostat


Check the blower motor, lubricate bearings and moving parts


Check the blower motor belt, check for wear and adjust tension


Test the voltage, blower motor amp draw on condenser


Pressurize refrigerant to the correct level


Test crankcase heater and defrost controls


Test reversing valve functionality


Check wiring, electrical connections and change any serviceable parts

Keep Your Heat Pump Running Great With Gas Man Maintenance

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Heat pumps use very little energy to keep a slow steady stream of heat for house or pool heating.  Heat pumps are very efficient at transferring heat and that’s why you want to have your equipment maintained and serviced to keep it operating at the highest performance possible.