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Gas Man offers Ottawa residents a wide selection of water heaters from John Wood & Rheem. We have economical hot water tanks and highly efficient tankless systems too. Our water heating installation comes with a full warranty on equipment and a guarantee on labour.  Upgrade your water heating equipment and get better value for your natural gas usage.

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Hot Water Tank Buying Guide

Most Ottawa families spend 20% of their home heating costs on water.  Upgrading your hot water heater can help you save money on energy bills.  With a relatively low purchase price buying a new water heater is amortized quite quickly.  Water capacity is going to be your biggest concern while upgrading.  60 gallons of hot water is enough to shower for 40 minutes with a standard low flow showerhead.  More expensive models come with thicker higher-rated insulations and central heating coils allowing for reducing energy costs.

Have Teenagers? Upgrade Your Water Heater For A More Relaxing Start To Your Day. 

Modern Water Heater Features

High-Efficiency Rating
Energy Star Certification
Water Capacity 30-120 Gallons
Condensing Water Heaters
Digital Displays

Buying Water Heaters |  Price Differences

Anti Scaling
Reduce mineral build-up on heating rods.

Brass vs. Plastic Valves
Brass provides superior durability but will not affect performance.

Glass Lined Tanks
Linings of glass are installed in more expensive tanks to reduce the build-up of rust over the decades of operation. 

Condensing Water Heaters
Energy (heat) from the exhausted gas is recirculated into the system before being vented outside. 

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Ottawa Hot Water Tank FAQ

Where Is My Hot Water Tank?

In most Ottawa homes you will find your hot water tank in the basement next to your furnace. 

Where Is The Hot Water Tank Thermostat?

Its located with the controls on the exterior of your hot water heater. Look for a dial or digital screen to increase or lower the water temperature.  Caution: Minor changes to water heater temperature settings can make extremely hot water, hot enough to burn you! Wait a few hours and ALWAYS CHECKjust how hot the hottest temperature setting in your home.  Consider reducing hot water temperature in a home with small children.  

Will My Hot Water Heater Leak Carbon Monoxide?

Professionally installed & properly ventilated gas appliances should not emit CO.  However it is important to follow maintenance schedule to ensure the HVAC gas equipment in your home is tuned-up and operating safely.  As an added precaution EVERY Ottawa home should be equipped with carbon monoxide alarms just in case.

What Are Condensing Water Heaters?

Condensing water heaters are highly efficient models that recirculate the heat from the exhaust before venting it to the outside. This improves performance and reduces heating costs.

Hot To Avoid Rusty Hot Water?

Scheduling hot water tank maintenance with Gasman is a great way to keep your hot water tank from producing reddish-brown rust water. We recommend periodical water tank draining to prevent corrosion.  Draining boiling hot water is very dangerous and we recommend using an HVAC Contractor or Plumber to avoid the risk of injury. 

How Can I Get An Estimate On Upgrading My Hot Water Heater?

Call and schedule a gas technician to visit your home and get a price on the cost of equipment, parts, and installation. 

Why Is My Hot Water Red?

As hot water tanks age the inside corrodes and becomes rusty.  Any sediment usually settles to the bottom but the agitation of the water can cause it to come out of your tap. 

Does My Hot Water Tank Need Electricity?

The fan and pilot light require a regular 110V plug to operate.    

How Long Do Hot Water Tanks Last?

The majority of hot water tanks are very basic and can easily last for over 20 years with minor repairs and maintenance. 

How Often Should Maintenance Be Performed?

Hot water tanks should be maintained every couple of years to avoid sudden repairs, increase performance and efficiency. 

How Often Should I Replace My Water Heater?

If you have an ageing water heater that still works fine it might make sense to upgrade?  What, Gasman really?  Yes, because 20 year newer equipment provides better performance and is quickly amortized thanks to the relatively low purchase price of hot water heaters. 

Want More Information About Water Heaters? Check Out The Ottawa Water Heater Blog

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