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Ottawa Pool Heater Maintenance

Professional HVAC Pool Heater Tune-Up

Annual maintenance on your pool heater helps improve efficiency, heating performance and extend the life of your equipment. Efficient pool heaters can heat water at lower pressure allowing Ottawa homeowners to run their variable speed pumps at lower speeds while still maintaining enough water pressure to ignite the pool heater.

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Why Choose Gas Man For Pool Heater Maintenance?

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Trust HVAC Contractors When Servicing HVAC Equipment

Licensed Gas Technicians Provide Authourized Pool Heater Maintenance

Keep Your Gas Pool Heater Warranty Intact With Regular Service

Authourized To Diagnose & Repair All Major Pool Heater Manufacturers

Annual Pool Heater Winterization Service Available

Looking For Pool Heater Repairs?

Learn About The Gas Man Pool Heater Emergency Repair

With such a short swimming season in Ottawa requiring a pool heater repair can be almost as important as a furnace outage in the winter. We know our customers value our fast priority service so they enjoy swimming in warm heated pools. 

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Pool Heater Maintenace Checklist

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We service residential homes in Ottawa with gas pool heaters.  For winterization always remember or. ask your pool company to remove the pressure sensor from the pool heater or it might freeze and crack. 


Examine flue ventilation and chimney for obstructions, cracks or corrosion


Clean the pool heater and remove any debris from the last maintenance visit


Inspect & clean the gas burners for optimal water heating


Test pressure switch and adjust based on water pressure in your pool pump


Test pressure relief valve is functional


Inspect and clean all ignition systems from gas lines, to pilot light and thermocouple

Get Your Pool Heater Overhauled With Maintenance Service

Schedule A Tune-Up Today!

Pool heaters are only designed to last 10 years… but with regular maintenance intervals, we have seen some models last well over 20 years and more.  Maintenance service won’t guarantee a long-lasting pool heater but not maintaining certainly will shorten the lifespan.  Schedule pool heater maintenance service with Gas Man Ottawa.