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Ottawa Gas Boilers

Super-Efficient, Quiet, Hydronic Home Heating From This Little Box

Boilers use furnaces to turn pressurized water into steam. The pressurization is what makes this home heating equipment so special. With a gas boiler, you can heat your house & heat your water.   Hydronic heating is one of the most efficient, low-cost heating methods in Ottawa homes.  If your home is equipped with hydronic heating call Gas Man for a free quote in installing your new gas boiler. 

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Why Get A Boiled Installed In Ottawa?

House Heating, Hydronic Air Handler,  In-Floor Heating, Water Heating, Laundry, Showers & More.  Trust an HVAC contractor with residential heating and cooling. 

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Ways Of Distributing Hydronic Heat

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Steam radiators are found in most of Ottawa older homes, offices, and  apartment buildings.  Despite being a really old technology its still around because of its low maintenance and cost.  

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Baseboard Heaters

Most new homes in Ottawa are being built with gas furnaces.  The functionality is similar to radiators and we can service this style.

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In Floor Heat

Heating the entire floor has a far greater thermal mass and take much longer to cool down.  Unlike air heated from a furnace which cools fast! 

Hydronic Floor Heating With A Gas Boiler

Enjoy Warm Heated Floors That Take Hours To Cool 

Heating your home from the ground up is a choice you won’t regret.  First, the feeling on walking on a warm floor makes every home even more inviting.  Once you turn off your furnace the air cools quickly.  By heating your floor there is a  far greater thermal mass and even after you’ve turned off your heating, the floor stays warm!  Combine this with the incredible efficiency of a gas boiler… and the luxury of getting heated floors installed in Ottawa homes is a reality and can be installed by Gas Man. 

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Why Choose Gas Man Ottawa For Gas Boiler Installation?

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Gas Boilers Can Replace Many Different HVAC Appliances In Any Home

Professionally Installed Boilers By Licensed HVAC Technicians

Guaranteed Labour & Warrantied Boiler Equipment

Heat The Thermal Mass Of The Entire Floor Not Just The Air

Choose Options That Increase The Value Of Your Home Like In Floor Hydronic Heating

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Looking For Super Efficient Home Heating & Cooling?

Get Professional Advice From Ottawa’s Best HVAC Contractors

Not sure if a heat pump is right for your Ottawa home?  Call Gas Man and meet with our friendly and professional gas technicians.  We will assess your energy needs and provide expert and honest advice about what HVAC solution is best for your home climate.