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Frequently Asked Questions

Gas Man Answers All Of Ottawa Most Common Residential Heating & Cooling Questions.  Answers About Installation, Repairs, Maintenance & Operating All HVAC Equipment Can Be Found Here.

Furnace FAQ

How Long Does Furnace Installation Take?

Furnace installations usually take 1-2 people more than half of a day.  That time can vary depending on the location of the furnace, the accessibility of the area & the removal of the old furnace.  We take all these into consideration when scheduling jobs. 

Are Gas Man Furnaces Warrantied?

Furnaces we sell & install are covered thoroughly by a manufacturer warranty. Gasman is authorized to repair furnaces which means if you experience a defect we can order & install genuine replacement parts directly from the manufacturer.  After installing your furnace we provide you with the registration card to commence your warranty with the installation date of your furnace. 

Are There Any Furnace Rebates?

Ask during our free estimate if there are any currently running government programs for rebates on energy-efficient furnace upgrades. Also under our resources section, you'll find a section on any HVAC purchase rebates we are aware of.  For the latest information check with Enbridge & National Resources Canada for eligibility. 

What Is A Ultra Efficient Condensing Furnace?

Condensing furnaces are the most efficient & expensive models available in Ottawa.  They have a secondary built in heat exchanger that extracts energy from the exhaust, energy that is put back into your home instead of being wasted by simply venting it outside. 

What Is The Process Of Replacing A Furnace?

After requesting an estimate, we send technicians to you and determine the size and energy requirements of your home.  During our consultation, our staff will help you pick out the right size of furnace to replace your old one.  We use Jobber to send customers digital quotations so they can easily approve, reject or modify the HVAC services. Finally, we schedule a day that is convenient for you to have us come do the work. 

Does Gas Man Do Furnace Maintenance?

We provide maintenance on all makes and models of furnaces in Ottawa. Our professional gas technicians inspect, lubricate, test & clean every mechanical & electrical component of your heating equipment. 

What Is A 2 Stage Furnace?

Most furnaces operate at 100% power or 0% power.  Furnaces continually run at 1005 power until the desired (set) temperature has been reached. 

Advanced furnaces have two-stage heating controls that let it operate more efficiently.  The main benefits are that it improves temperature consistency, reduces unnecessary wear on the heating coils & helps reduce energy costs.

Why A Variable Speed Fan Motor?

Also known as electronically commutated motor (ECM) variable speed motors can gradually ramp up fan spin depending on the amount of airflow required.  

Benefits of an ECM are:

-Whisper quiet furnace operation
-eliminates sudden air blast when heating equipment kicks on. 
-The fan uses 66% less electricity while operating at a low speed. 
-Improve air quality with constant (low energy, low noise) fan operation.
-Better temperature control, humidity control and air distribution in the home. 

When shopping for a new furnace in Ottawa inquire about furnaces that have variable speed motors. 


What Furnace Brands Do You Carry?

Whenever selling and installing furnaces in Ottawa we always choose products that are built to last, have robust warranties & are designed to be repairable long into their life expectancy. We supply and install furnaces from all major brands like Rheem, Trane, Carrier, Goodman, Amana, Bryant, York & More.  Our heating solutions will favour furnaces that offer exceptional value & quality.  If we wouldn't put it in our home then we won't put it in yours. 

Do You Repair Furnaces?

Gasman repairs all makes and models of furnaces. In fact, we are an authorized furnace repair contractor so Gasman makes it easy to diagnose, estimate & repair furnaces.  Whether under warranty or not we repair broken furnaces daily in Ottawa. 

What Is AFUE?

AFUE is the annual fuel utilization efficiency which measures how efficiently your furnace uses its fuel.  The more efficient the furnace the more heat it will produce per one unit of natural gas used.

High AFUE ratings are recommended for Ottawa homes since our heating equipment is used for almost 6 months of the year. 

What Is A Good AFUE Rating?

For natural gas furnaces installed in Ottawa here are the general guidelines:

$ Economical 55-65%
$$ High Efficiency 78-84%
$$$ Condensing Furnaces 90-97%

Air Conditioning FAQ

How Long Does An AC Installation Take?

Air Conditioner installations usually take 1-2 people more than half of a day.  That time can vary depending on the location, the accessibility of the area & the removal of the old AC unit.  We take all these into consideration when scheduling jobs.

Are Gas Man Air Conditioners Warrantied?

All of the air conditioners Gas Man installs are warrantied.  Registering your equipment extends the warranties for even longer, for free.

Are There Any Air Conditioner Install Rebates?

Check out information about HVAC equipment rebates (specific to Ottawa) in our resources section.  We try to keep it up to date but programs are continually changing. The most accurate information can be found at:

Natural Resources Canada

Enbridge Gas

What Are Condensing Air Conditioners?

Air conditioners with a condensing unit use the heat from the exhaust to operate the evaporator coils more efficiently.  Without a condenser, the energy in the heated exhaust gas is wasted. 

What Is The Process Of Replacing An Air Conditioner?

After requesting an estimate, we send technicians to you and determine the size and energy requirements of your home.  During our consultation, our staff will help you pick out the right size of air conditioner to replace your old one.  We use Jobber to send customers digital quotations so they can easily approve, reject or modify the HVAC services. Finally, we schedule a day that is convenient for you to have us come do the work.

Does Gas Man Do Air Conditioning Maintenance?

We service all makes and models of air conditioners in Ottawa.  Our professional gas technicians have a thorough inspection checklist to keep your cooling equipment operating smoothly. 

What Is 2 Stage Cooling?

Muli-stage cooling allows your equipment to run at lower power reducing operating cost, and wear & tear all while maintaining a steady cool temperature inside the house. 

Why A Variable Speed Fan AC Fan?

A fan operating at 100% power might use 10 times the amount of power compared to a fan running at just half that power. Having a variable speed motor provides significant energy savings compared to entry-level air conditioners. 

What Air Conditioner Brands Do You Sell?

Our Ottawa Gasman HVAC Contractors install air conditioners made by manufacturers like Lennox, Rheem, Rudd, Goodman, Amana, Carrier, & more. We have the right cooling equipment to suit your home climate needs. 

Do You Repair Air Conditioners?

Gasman is authourized to diagnose and repair all air conditioners in Ottawa. HVAC Contractors can provide warrantied repairs and replace broken parts with genuine replacement parts. 

How Do I Know The Right Size Of Air Conditioner?

You'll need a home energy assessment from a licensed gas technician.  Our quotes include pressures testing, duct inspections and measuring your home to provide you with the required specifications. 

Hot Water Heater FAQ

Where Is My Hot Water Tank?

In most Ottawa homes you will find your hot water tank in the basement next to your furnace. 

Where Is The Hot Water Tank Thermostat?

Its located with the controls on the exterior of your hot water heater. Look for a dial or digital screen to increase or lower the water temperature.  Caution: Minor changes to water heater temperature settings can make extremely hot water, hot enough to burn you! Wait a few hours and ALWAYS CHECKjust how hot the hottest temperature setting in your home.  Consider reducing hot water temperature in a home with small children.  

Will My Hot Water Heater Leak Carbon Monoxide?

Professionally installed & properly ventilated gas appliances should not emit CO.  However it is important to follow maintenance schedule to ensure the HVAC gas equipment in your home is tuned-up and operating safely.  As an added precaution EVERY Ottawa home should be equipped with carbon monoxide alarms just in case.

What Are Condensing Water Heaters?

Condensing water heaters are highly efficient models that recirculate the heat from the exhaust before venting it to the outside. This improves performance and reduces heating costs.

Hot To Avoid Rusty Hot Water?

Scheduling hot water tank maintenance with Gasman is a great way to keep your hot water tank from producing reddish-brown rust water. We recommend periodical water tank draining to prevent corrosion.  Draining boiling hot water is very dangerous and we recommend using an HVAC Contractor or Plumber to avoid the risk of injury. 

How Can I Get An Estimate On Upgrading My Hot Water Heater?

Call and schedule a gas technician to visit your home and get a price on the cost of equipment, parts, and installation. 

Why Is My Hot Water Red?

As hot water tanks age the inside corrodes and becomes rusty.  Any sediment usually settles to the bottom but the agitation of the water can cause it to come out of your tap. 

Does My Hot Water Tank Need Electricity?

The fan and pilot light require a regular 110V plug to operate.    

How Long Do Hot Water Tanks Last?

The majority of hot water tanks are very basic and can easily last for over 20 years with minor repairs and maintenance. 

How Often Should Maintenance Be Performed?

Hot water tanks should be maintained every couple of years to avoid sudden repairs, increase performance and efficiency. 

How Often Should I Replace My Water Heater?

If you have an ageing water heater that still works fine it might make sense to upgrade?  What, Gasman really?  Yes, because 20 year newer equipment provides better performance and is quickly amortized thanks to the relatively low purchase price of hot water heaters. 

Tankless Hot Water Heater FAQ

How To Install A Tankless Hot Water Heater?

This is a professional job for a licensed HVAC Contractor. Our gas technicians wall mount your water heater in the basement or closet usually near your old water heater. 

How Long Do Tankless Water Heater Last?

A well maintained tankless system should last over 20 years. 

How Often Should I Flush My System?

Every 500 hours is a good interval (unless stated otherwise in the manual).  Many models include apps that help you monitor usage and service schedules. 

What Are Condensing Tankless Water Heaters?

Condensing tankless water heaters are highly efficient models that recirculate the heat from the exhaust before venting it to the outside. This improves performance and reduces operating costs.

How Much Money Will I Really Save?

That depends on how you use hot water in your home. I estimate the average family in Ottawa can save around $200 on gas bills annually. 

How Can I Get An Estimate On Upgrading My Hot Water Heater?

Call and schedule a gas technician to visit your home and get a price on the cost of equipment, parts, and installation. 

That's A Lot Of BTU's. What's The Deal?

Tankless hot water heater needs an incredible amount of energy to heat the 2 GPM of water coming out of your shower! Is uses a lot of gas while operating but none when it isn't in use. 

What Size (BTU) Of Tankless Hot Water Heater Should I Buy?

Low Demand: 130,000 BTU
Medium Demand: 180,000 BTU
High Demand: 350,000 BTU

Ductless Mini-Split FAQ

What Is A Ductless Air Conditioner?

It is a kind of HVAC equipment used for heating and cooling areas where installing ductwork is not possible.

Are Ductless Mini Splits Efficient?

Mini splits are very efficient. Why heat the whole house if you're using just one room? Plus there is no energy loss from ventilation which accounts for 30%!!!

How Long Will A Mini Split Last?

With good maintenance and proper operation you should expect at least 20 years of heating & cooling.  

How Many Zones Can I Add To My Mini Split?

Residential mini-splits can connect up to four zones inside you home.  

Will Mini Splits Improve Air Quality?

Mini splits have air filters built in that can be cleaned easily. Also, the built in heat pump allows you to efficiently cycle new fresh air into your living space.

What Are The Major Manufacturers Of Mini Split Air Conditioners?

There are lots of North American & Asian brands of mini splits. Even more than there are furnace and air conditioner manufacturers. Get professional advice when choosing which mini split models are durable and repairable.

Heat Pump FAQ

Should I Invest In A Heat Pump?

Heat pumps are far more efficient than gas heaters but the short swimming season in Ottawa minimizes the cost savings.  Depending on how often you heat your pool heat pumps can be beneficial.  Speak with a gas technician to determine which product is best for you. 

Will A Blanket Reduce My Gas Bills?

Yes. Solar pool blankets can reduce pool heating costs by 50%. 

Can I Add A Pool Heater Later?

Yes, the plumbing connects to your water pump and filters.  Then we run a gas line from the meter to your pool equipment.  

Will You Winterize My Pool Heater?

For the best value, you should schedule maintenance service and get all the burners & coils cleaned at the same time. 

If you hired a pool company to winterize your pool heater make sure you remove the pressure sensor to expel any leftover water.

My Pool Heater Isn't Turning On?

For safety, pool heaters require high pressure or they won't ignite.  Chances are your filter is dirty and the pressure is low.  Backwash your pool and run the variable speed pump at 100% power to test pool heater functionality. 

Standby Generator FAQ

Can I Connect A Portable Generator To My Home?

No, those are only designed to run devices connected to their 110 or 220-volt outlets. Running more electricity through them causes them to shut off. 

Do I Need A Transfer Switch To Connect A Standby Generator To My Home?

Yes, transfer switches protect appliances inside your home from a surge of electric frying them when the system kicks on. 

Does My Generator Need Maintenance?

Just like a car, standby generators require regular maintenance.  

  • Change the oil
  • Change the air, oil & fuel filter
  • Change the spark plugs
  • Check & flush coolant
  • Load testing
  • Lubrication
  • Plus, alternators, transfer switches, starters & air systems

Get Your Standby Generator Maintenance From Ottawa's Trusted HVAC Contractor.  


Can I Run a Natural Gas Generator Continuously?

Standby whole house generators can be run indefinitely (pending maintenance schedules).  

What If I Over Load The Generator?

Just like the power in your home if you overload the circuit breaker will engage. Tripped breakers disconnect power and can be flipped and turned back on. 

How Often Should I Change The Oil?

Oil should be changed every 500-1000 hours depending on the make and model.  Gasman technicians can provide service calls to change the oil in your whole house generator.  Always follow the maintenance advice in the manual. 

Can Standby Generators Be Repaired?

Like most HVAC equipment generators can be repaired by a licensed HVAC contractor.  Gasman is authorized to diagnose and repair broken natural gas generators using genuine replacement parts. 

Ventilation FAQ

What Is HRV?

Heat Recovery Ventilation introduces fresh indoor air while reclaiming the lost heat during the process. They also have the added benefit of eliminating excess humidity in the winter.  HRV is designed to only work in the cold.

What's ERV?

Energy Recovery Ventilation increases fresh air intake in the winter.  It also increases humidity in the winter and decreases humidity in the summer.

What's Better For Me HRV or ERV?

Depending on your needs HRV and ERV do similar but specific things.  Most homeowners in Ottawa will benefit more from Energy Recovery Ventilation features but Heat Recovery Ventilation is more efficient in the winter. Talk to Gasman about what's right for your home. 

How Is Mechanical Ventilation Controlled

HRV and ERV systems connect to your central climate system and can be controlled via a remote, app, or on your thermostat controls.  Each model is different and ventilation doesn't require frequent changes like the temperature settings. 

What Speed Should I Set My Ventilation?

Low settings are enough for most homeowners. 

My Ventilation Is Dripping Water Is That Normal?

Yes as there is moisture in the air and a huge difference in temperature between indoor and outdoor air, some condensation is normal. 

Does Mechanical Ventilation REquire Maintenance?

Like most HVAC equipment ventilation requires service.  We recommend having your HRV or ERV maintenance completed at the same time you service your other heating and cooling equipment inside the home. 

Gas Fireplace FAQ

How Does The Gas Get Outside?

Your fireplace will be vented to the outside of the house either through an exterior wall or existing chimney. 

How Do I Clean The Fireplace Glass

Make sure the glass is cool and turn off all gas while servicing the appliance. Remove the louvres and take out the glass pane. Wipe both sides with household glass cleaner are reassemble.  Make sure to always read the manual.  

Clean Your Glass After First Use

After the first use make sure you thoroughly clean the glass as per the instructions from the manufacturer. 

Can I Shut Off The Pilot Light In The Summer?

Because of the high humidity, Ottawa isn't the best place to leave a gas fireplace dormant for too long. It's best to keep it running unless there is a reason to shut it off. 

Where To Install Gas Fireplaces?

Ottawa homeowners install their gas fireplace in almost every place you can imagine.  With so many designs there is a fire that can match your bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, living room, basement, or even backyard!

What Are The Best Gas Fireplace Manufacturers?

Some of the best-known brands in Ottawa are Continental, Marquis, Napolean, Valor & Regency.