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Tankless Water Heater Installation

Never Run Out Of Hot Water Ever Again. 


Tankless hot water heaters are surprisingly economical options for people who need lots of hot water and for homes that use less hot water. For families who enjoy long hot showers this system allows you to have an endless stream of hot water. For families who are more conservative with water, this system benefits you by only using gas while it is in use.

Get a FREE in-home estimate. Let Gas Man help you choose between a traditional 50-gallon water heater or a more modern tankless water heater. 

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Why Buy Your Tankless Water Heater From Gas Man Ottawa?

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Get An In Home Estimate & Trusted Water Heater Advice

Authourized Warrantied Repairs Make Fixing Broken Equipment Easy

Gas Man's Labour Guarantee Means You Know Your Tankless System Was Installed Right

Choose The Right Size Of Water Tank, Up To 100+ Gallons!

We Fill Out Your Product Registration Card To All You Need To Do Is Drop It In The Mail For FREE Extended Warranty Coverage

Looking For Old Reliable Style Water Heaters?

Economical, Dependable & Efficient

With such simple operation and no moving parts, water heaters are dependable and relatively low cost compared to other HVAC equipment. Visit our regular water heater page here.

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Is A Tankless System Right For You?

Tankless hot water heaters are perfect for families who require a consistent flow of hot water AND families who conserve water.  High demand homes get an unlimited supply of hot water while low demand homes only pay for heating water they actually use.  

Large Families With Who Need Lots Of Hot Water In A Short Amount Of Time.

Families Who Conserve Water & Only Use Hot Water Less Frequently

Tankless Water Heaters |  Buying Guide

Wall Mounted Space Saving Design
Tankless Water Heaters Don’t Require Large Holding Tanks & Are Professionally Wall Mounted.

High Performance Condensing Models
Recover energy by recirculating hot exhaust that is normally wasted and just vented outside. 

WiFi Connectivity
Consider a model with wifi connectivity to conveniently turn the hot water on and off. 

Easy To Winterize
Need to winterize your home? Closing up your tankless hot water heater is quick & easy. 

Tankless Water Heater Gallery

Tankless Water Heater FAQ

How To Install A Tankless Hot Water Heater?

This is a professional job for a licensed HVAC Contractor. Our gas technicians wall mount your water heater in the basement or closet usually near your old water heater. 

How Long Do Tankless Water Heater Last?

A well maintained tankless system should last over 20 years. 

How Often Should I Flush My System?

Every 500 hours is a good interval (unless stated otherwise in the manual).  Many models include apps that help you monitor usage and service schedules. 

What Are Condensing Tankless Water Heaters?

Condensing tankless water heaters are highly efficient models that recirculate the heat from the exhaust before venting it to the outside. This improves performance and reduces operating costs.

How Much Money Will I Really Save?

That depends on how you use hot water in your home. I estimate the average family in Ottawa can save around $200 on gas bills annually. 

How Can I Get An Estimate On Upgrading My Hot Water Heater?

Call and schedule a gas technician to visit your home and get a price on the cost of equipment, parts, and installation. 

That's A Lot Of BTU's. What's The Deal?

Tankless hot water heater needs an incredible amount of energy to heat the 2 GPM of water coming out of your shower! Is uses a lot of gas while operating but none when it isn't in use. 

What Size (BTU) Of Tankless Hot Water Heater Should I Buy?

Low Demand: 130,000 BTU
Medium Demand: 180,000 BTU
High Demand: 350,000 BTU

Check Out The Ottawa Tankless Hot Water Blog

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Only Pay For Gas While Using Hot Water.

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Tankless hot water systems are perfect for the family who needs lots of on-demand hot water  & for people who use very little hot water.  Get an estimate on purchasing and installing water heating equipment in Ottawa.