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Ottawa Gas Boiler Maintenance

Standby Gas Boiler Tune-Up Service

Gas boilers are efficient ways to heat homes without central forced air ventilation. Gas boilers are also required for installing hydronic radiant floor heating. Keeping your gas boiler maintained is important for the performance, efficiency and longevity of the HVAC equipment.

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Keeping your gas boiler well maintained helps improve performance, efficiency as well as helps homeowners extend the life expectancy of your equipment.  If you need a gas technician to visit your home and provide boiler repairs call Gas Man Ottawa for an estimate.

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Gas Boiler Maintenace Checklist

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Gas Man hires licensed HVAC technicians and our employees are expertly trained in customer service and technical skills.  Our residential Ottawa gas boiler maintenance service is thorough and our inspections provide peace of mind knowing your equipment is in excellent shape.


Clean out the boiler and remove any dirt, dust or debris


Test the boiler pressurization level, thermostat level and confirm both can keep up with the output


Check pressure release safety valves and other seals for signs of leaks


Check the temperature difference between supply and return water lines


Thoroughly clean the water lines, tubes and tube sheets


Check for oxidization or corrosion on the inside of the gas boiler


Inspect the water cut off bowl, drains & confirm electrical wiring is ok


Check the pump alignment, combustion & ignition systems, and test safety CO sensors

Residential Gas Boiler Maintenance

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Gas boilers need regular maintenance depending on the usage, condition and age of your hot water heating system.  Our gas technicians provide fast and friendly HVAC maintenance for all homeowners.  Call Gas Man Ottawa to learn about gas boiler maintenance pricing.