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Ottawa Air Conditioner Repair Service

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When your air conditioner stops working or your find it isn’t keeping the climate cool in your house, call Gas Man Ottawa for professional HVAC repair.  Choosing an HVAC contractor to service broken AC units results in a thorough inspection of coils, condensers, electronics and system pressure.  Our gas technicians don’t just repair we diagnose and service so your home climate is cold in the summer.

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Why Choose Gas Man To Repair Your Air Conditioner?

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Looking To Replace Older Air Conditioners?

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As air conditioners get older they become less efficient and are susceptible to breaking down.  Upgrade your air conditioner before requiring a sudden emergency repair service.  Homeowners looking to replace their old air conditioners should read of section on the installation of new residential cooling equipment. 

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Emergency Ottawa Air Conditioner Repairs

Let our gas technicians visit your home and provide an estimate on the cost to repair your air conditioner.  During the summer in Ottawa, air conditioning is more than a luxury, its a necessity.  We prioritize air conditioning repairs during the summer season.  To schedule an AC repair, call us at 613-880-3888 or request service using the form below.  If you require an emergency HVAC repair then let us know and we can try and visit at the beginning or end of the day. 

Gas Man Repairs Residential Air Conditioning In Orleans, Kanata, Barrhaven, Nepean, South Keys, Gloucester & Surrounding Ottawa Neighbourhoods.

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Troubleshooting Air Conditioners Repairs In Ottawa

Refrigerant Leak – Refrigerant leaks are an easy to repair problem with air conditioners. Refrigerant is the gas that provides cooling when pressurized. Is the air in your home just cool and not cold? Our gas technicians seal and leaks and pressurize the system by adding additional refrigerant. 

Condenser Repairs – To cool the air condensers remove water and sometimes drainage tubes get blocked with water.  Clearing drainage tubes will repair this problem. 

If the air is only cool and not cold, or your air conditioner is suddenly turning off you could have a dirty or malfunctioning condenser unit. 

Evaporator Problem – Evaporators vaporize the refrigerant from a liquid to a gaseous state. If the evaporator isn’t getting enough refrigerant then the evaporator could need cleaned or replaced. 

Air Not Sufficiently Cooled – If the air inside your house doesn’t feel cold then it could be the humidity in your home is too high.  Central dehumidifiers can be installed to help control air quality inside the home.

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Ottawa summer humidity makes cooling your home in the summer a necessity.  If your air conditioner breaks in the summer call Gas Man and request priority repair service so you’ll be comfortable even in the hot humid summer.