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Ductless Mini Split Air Conditioning

Heating, Cooling & Air Filtration
30% More Efficient Than Central Air Conditioners

Mini Split systems installed by Gas Man Ottawa provide many benefits in a compact wall or ceiling mounted unit.  Unlike most climate equipment mini splits are designed to work in rooms without access to ductwork.  Powered by a small externally installed condenser, mini splits can easily heat and cool 1-3 rooms. 

Get an estimate and meet with a technician to discuss the best cooling options Ottawa homes. 

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What Can A Mini-Split Do?


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Air Filtration

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Multiple Zones

Why Not Use A Central Furnace Or Air Conditioner?

Heating & cooling your house requires air to be moved around through a system of air ducts & vents.  Many Ottawa homes do not have ductwork & installing new ductwork isn’t practical. With a mini-split, you can get the high efficiency and performance of regular furnaces & air conditioners. 

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Ductless Mini Split Advantages

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Rooms Interiors Only Require A Small Wall Or Ceiling Mounted Head Unit

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Small Compressor Installed On The Exterior Eliminates The Need For Ducts

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Provides Economical Home Climate Solutions For Older Homes & Additions

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Multi-Zone Configurations Allows Multiple Rooms To Run Off The Same System

Why Buy Your Ductless Mini Split From Gas Man Ottawa?

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Free Estimates On Home Climate Upgrades

Authourized Warrantied Repairs Make Getting Service Easy

Our Labour Guarantee Means Your Ductless Mini Split Was Installed Right

Choose The Perfect Size For 1, 2, or 3 Rooms

We Fill Out Your Product Registration Card To All You Need To Do Is Drop It In The Mail For FREE Extended Warranty Coverage

Looking For Regular Air Conditioners?

Learn about our air conditioner installation service & know which solution is right for you. 

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Ductless Mini Splits |  Buying Guide

Multi Zone Heating & Cooling
Heat anywhere from 1-4 rooms using a single externally installed compressor.
Combined Air Filtration
Breath fresh air by increasing circulation while air is filtered inside the unit.
Quiet Operation
Since the compressor is install outside the room, mini splits operate at the noise level as a regular fan.
Multiple Price Points
Only pay for the size of mini split your need. Smally compressors are cheaper than multi room sizes.

Wall Or Ceiling Mouinted Options
Wall mounted units have small head unit and ceiling models are installed flush.

Remote Control Settings
Easily control the temperature by using the include remote.

Ottawa Ductless Mini Split FAQ

What Is A Ductless Air Conditioner?

It is a kind of HVAC equipment used for heating and cooling areas where installing ductwork is not possible.

Are Ductless Mini Splits Efficient?

Mini splits are very efficient. Why heat the whole house if you're using just one room? Plus there is no energy loss from ventilation which accounts for 30%!!!

How Long Will A Mini Split Last?

With good maintenance and proper operation you should expect at least 20 years of heating & cooling.  

How Many Zones Can I Add To My Mini Split?

Residential mini-splits can connect up to four zones inside you home.  

Will Mini Splits Improve Air Quality?

Mini splits have air filters built in that can be cleaned easily. Also, the built in heat pump allows you to efficiently cycle new fresh air into your living space.

What Are The Major Manufacturers Of Mini Split Air Conditioners?

There are lots of North American & Asian brands of mini splits. Even more than there are furnace and air conditioner manufacturers. Get professional advice when choosing which mini split models are durable and repairable.

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Got An Older Home? Stay Cool With A Sleek Wall Mounted Mini Split

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Mini split air conditioners are a great option to help Ottawa homeowners who don’t have preexisting central ductwork installed in their house. Meet with our technicians in- home and find out how ductless mini-split will improve your home.