Ottawa Gas Fireplace Maintenance

From Gas Line To Pilot Light To Ventilation, Our Maintenance Service Covers Every Fireplace Component

Gas fireplaces burn cleaner and brighter after maintenance service from Gas Man Ottawa. Enjoy friendly service from our expert gas technicians. Keep your beautiful natural gas fireplace running great with maintenance service this year.

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Why Choose Gas Man For Gas Fireplace Maintenance?

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Experience Servicing All Gas Fires Including Log Sets, Inserts, & Built In Units

Licensed Gas Technicians Provide Authourized Gas Fireplace Maintenance

Keep Your Warranty Intact By Maintaining Your Fireplace

Five Star Customer Experience From Scheduling To Service

Trusted HVAC Contractor Providing Residential Natural Gas Service

Looking For Gas Fireplace Repair Service?

Learn About How Gas Man Diagnoses & Repairs Gas Fireplaces

Help prevent costly fireplace repairs by scheduling regular maintenance intervals with Gas Man.  Work with your gas technician to plan your service schedule based on age, condition and usage.

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Gas Fireplace Maintenace Checklist

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Maintenance of ductless mini-split systems follows all the recommended servicing as per the manufacturer specifications.


Cleaning the inside from dirt, dust & bugs keeps your fire looking great


Adjust logs and fireplace setting to the homeowners satisfaction


Clean interior glass


Service ignition system, pilot light and thermocouple


Inspect ventilation for corrosion, holes or leaks


Inspect heat exchanger, measure temperature sensors & service blower motors


Clean air filters, safety entire system & confirm limit controls

Keep Your Gas Fireplace Burning Bright

Schedule Maintenance Service Today!

Minimize the wear and tear on your gas fireplace by scheduling fireplace maintenance with one of our professional gas technicians.  Fast, friendly and reliable residential HVAC services provided by Gas Man Ottawa.