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Repair Or Replace Ageing HVAC Equipment

If Your Old Heating & Cooling Equipment Breaks Down, Call Gas Man For A Repair & Replacement Estimate.

Our gas technicians carefully assess the condition of your equipment and make recommendations based on our professional opinion.  Gas Man technicians advocate for the homeowner and provide honest and trusted home climate advice. 

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Repair Vs. Replace 

Ottawa homeowners rely on professional gas technicians to help them make the right decision, especially in an emergency situation. Each furnace & air conditioner is unique based on the maintenance history, usage and the problem that is present in your unit.  Here are the main factors that are going to influence your decision to repair or replace broken HVAC equipment.

Cost Of Repairs

If the cost of repairing your equipment is too high then it usually makes sense to replace.  If the repair costs are more than 50% of the replacement cost then we usually recommend a replacement. For minor repairs that keep an old efficient furnace running, we always recommend repairing when it makes sense.

Age Of The System

Furnaces have a lifespan of 15-20 years and longer depending on maintenance history and efficiency rating. A 20-year-old furnace that was entry-level at the time of purchase is costing your more to operate than a modern entry-level model.

Efficiency Ratings

HVAC manufacturers are pushing the limits of home climate technology.  By upgrading ageing heating and cooling equipment you can save on energy bills but enjoy modern smart features.  Treat yourself with convenient new features and replace a broken furnace.  A modern system is going to improve the quality of the heating and cooling too.  Does your heating and cooling seem weak? That can be a sign you should upgrade. 

Rebates On Upgrading Equipment

There are often government and utility-sponsored programs that allow Ottawa homeowners to upgrade old heating and cooling equipment and get significant incentives to choose high-efficiency models.  If there is a good program running consider replacing your older HVAC equipment.  To learn about active Ottawa home climate rebates

Schedule Maintenance With Gas Man & Keep Your Ageing Home Climate Equipment Running All Year Long.

Need A Repair? Gas Man Provides Authourized Repairs With Genuine Replacement Parts For Lasting Repairs

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