Ottawa Water Heater Maintenance

Get Your Hot Water Heater Serviced By HVAC Technicians

Residential hot water heater maintenance service should be performed every 1-3 years depending on usage, condition and efficiency.  Avoid a costly repair or replacement by getting your water heater tuned up with Gas Man’s hot water tank maintenance service.

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Why Choose Gas Man For Hot Water Heater Maintenance?

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Professional Water Heater Maintenance Service

Licensed Gas Technicians Provide Authourized Hot Water Tank Maintenance

Keep Your Hot Water Heater Warranty Intact With Regular Service

Five Star Customer Experience From Scheduling To Service

Get Honest Advice About The Condition Of Ageing Water Heating Equipment

Looking For Our Hot Water Tank Repair Service?

Learn About Water Heater Repairs

Avoid unexpected hot water outages by getting your water heater maintained by Gas Man.  Our expert technicians check every component of your gas water heater and provide Ottawa homeowners with the peace of mind knowing their water heating equipment is in great condition.  Got a broken hot water tank?  Call for repair information or click the link below.

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Water Heater Maintenace Checklist

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Get a thorough inspection and servicing of your hot water heater and know the exact condition of your residential Ottawa heating equipment. 


Properly drain & flush water tank


Heat exchanger checked for cracks and damage


Remove all sediment from bottom of tank, sidewalls and heating elements


Inspect the anode rod for defects


Check the pressure valve is functioning and calibrated


Calibrate and set thermostat


Check distributor valves adjusted properly


Thermostat calibration & inspection


Flue ventilation checked for corrosion and leaks

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Keep the hot shower going with Gas Man maintenance.  Call to schedule service because many costly water tank repairs can be eliminated by taking care of residential HVAC equipment.  Take care of your hot water tank and it will take care of you!