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Ottawa Standby Generator Maintenance

Standby Electrical Generator HVAC Service

Standby generators are excellent for keeping your home powered during an outage. These machines require lots of maintenance every ~500 hours of operation. Don’t forget to replace the oil inside at the recommended service interval. Let our gas technicians thoroughly inspect and service your residential standby generator maintenance needs. Choose Gas Man for maintaining HVAC Equipment.

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Why Choose Gas Man For Backup Generator Maintenance?

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Gas Man Technicians Service All Residential Natural Gas Backup Generators

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Keep Generator Warranties Intact With Regular Service & Records

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Maintenance of natural gas whole house generators will help improve the efficiency and life span of the equipment.  Remember to work with your HVAC contractor to plan regular service intervals on high tech HVAC equipment.

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Standby Generator Maintenace Checklist

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Keep your generator at peak performance and running great so when you need emergency power it won’t let you down. 


Run the generator with no load and test automatic transfer cycles


Confirm generator is set to auto mode for emergency use


Check coolant level, oil level and test the batter performance


Change any serviceable parts like oil filters, air filters, fuel filters, & spark plugs


Serviceable parts removed, changed, lubricated & cleaned


Check for leaks, inspect drive belts and wiring issues


Inspect the DC electrical system and AC wiring


Test the battery electrolyte and specified gravity

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Make sure your air conditioner will last the entire summer with a maintenance service from Gas Man Ottawa. We specialize in servicing ageing air conditioners and extending the life expectancy of ageing home cooling equipment.  For residential HVAC service from trained gas technicians call Gas Man to set up a maintenance schedule that suits your needs.