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Ottawa Whole House Central Humidifiers

Control The Humidity For Added Comfort & Better Home Climate.

Whole house, central, or furnace humidifiers add moisture into the air during the cold dry months.  Air that is too dry or too moist isn’t comfortable.  Plus, moist air holds heat and dry air holds cold.  That’s why humidifiers are great for the winter and dehumidifiers are great for the summer.  Humidifiers & dehumidifiers installed by Gas Man Ottawa improve air quality and will improve the efficiency of your heating and cooling systems. 

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Small Affordable Home Climate Upgrades

Say Goodbye To Dry, Static Charged Air Inside The House.  Get A Furnace Dehumidifier Installed This Winter.

When purchasing a new furnace or air conditioner always ask about the cost to include some kind of humidity control devices.  Central units (connected to your home’s forced-air heating and cooling systems) are much cheaper to run, extract/add far more humidity & can control moisture in the entire house, not just a single room. 

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Why Choose Gas Man To Install Central Humidity Control?

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Dry air holds lots of frustrating static electricity and cools very quickly – not great for the winter.  Humid air doesn’t feel fresh and is hard to cool.  Call Gas Man and learn about controlling the humidity inside your Ottawa home.