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Did your HVAC equipment breakdown? Living without hot water is an inconvenience but when a furnace, air conditioner, or pool heater breaks we know you can’t wait! That’s why our technicians and dispatch try our best to prioritize emergency HVAC repair calls throughout the day so we can serve you better. Gas Man repairs furnaces, air conditioners, hot water tanks & anything that runs on natural gas. All our repairs are guaranteed against labour defects so you’ll know it was done right.  Plus, as an authourized repair contractor we provide warranty repair service and have access to genuine replacement parts.

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Why Ottawa Chooses Gas Man To Repair HVAC Equipment?

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On Site Diagnosis, Advice & Repair Estimate

Complete Diagnosis, Professional Work, Lasting Repairs

Authourized HVAC Contractors Provide Warrantied Repairs With Genuine Replacement Parts

Our Technicians Help You Make The Tough Desicion To Repair Or Replace HVAC Equipment

Our HVAC Repair Service Includes A Comprehensive Inspection, Servicing & Cleaning

 HVAC Repair Process In Ottawa

  1. Start HVAC repair by calling or emailing us using the form.
  2. Our team schedules an appointment to visit your home and diagnose the problem with your HVAC Equipment.
  3. Gas Man technicians will consult with you to determine the best solution (repair or replace).
  4. Quotation is prepared and sent electronically so you can easily accept, reject or modify the offer.
  5. Gas Man orders the necessary replacement parts (if required) and schedules an appointment to complete the repair.
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Gas Man Makes HVAC Repair Easy


Enquire By Phone Or Email


In Home Diagnosis, Repair Estimate & Home Climate Consultation


Detailed Quotations ,Sent Digitally , That Are Easy To Approve & Schedule


Detailed Quotations, Sent By Email, That Are Easy To Approve & Schedule


Gas Man Repairs ALL Kinds Of Residential HVAC Equipment Installed In Ottawa.

Residential HVAC Repair FAQ

Why Doesn't Gas Man Offer Annual Maintenance Plans?

Gas Man does offer annual maintenance plans however we schedule them as required.  We are busy enough and don't believe in servicing a perfectly functioning furnace or air conditioner.

Customers should follow the recommended service intervals detailed in your user manual or consult with Jeff about maintenance schedules specific to your home climate needs based on the age, efficiency, usage and condition of your HVAC equipment.

Will Skipping Maintenance Void My HVAC Warranty?

Short answer yes, long answer no.  Most manufacturers recommend or require annual maintenance schedules for home climate equipment.  Failing to schedule annual maintenance will only void your warranty if the equipment was damaged due to neglecting maintenance needs. 

Gasman is an authorized repair HVAC Contractor in Ottawa.  We can determine if your repair is the result of neglect or a defect.

Our customers have a close relationship with us and we tailor maintenance schedules based on many factors not just what's written in the owner's manual.

Are Gas Man Furnaces Warrantied?

Furnaces we sell & install are covered thoroughly by a manufacturer warranty. Gas man is authorized to repair furnaces which means if you experience a defect we can order & install genuine replacement parts directly from the manufacturer.  After installing your furnace we provide you with the registration card to commence your warranty with the installation date of your furnace.

Do You Repair Warrantied HVAC Equipment?

Gasman is one of Ottawa's authourized HVAC repair technicians. This means if your furnace, air conditioner, pool heater, water heater, thermostat, etc., breaks - you can call us for warrantied service. 

Choosing Gasman for warrantied repairs means you have access to genuine replacement parts often covered under the warranty terms.  

I Have No Warranty Can You Fix My HVAC Equipment?

Yes. Gasman can diagnose and provide an estimate of how much it will cost to repair your broken HVAC equipment.

Does Regular Maintenance Prevent HVAC Equipment From Breaking?

Regular maintenance does not prevent you from experiencing a breakdown but it will significantly increase the chances you won't need a repair. 

You wouldn't not change the oil in your car - so you shouldn't neglect to maintain your HVAC equipment either. 

Are HVAC Repairs Expensive?

HVAC repairs vary greatly in cost depending on the type of equipment being repaired and the specific component that is broken. We provide a detailed estimate or quotation so you'll know the exact cost to get your home climate equipment back up and running. 

Can I Call And Ask A Question?

As Ottawa's most trusted HVAC Repair Contractor, we welcome questions from customers who aren't sure if their equipment requires a service call from a gas technician.  Our customers know they can call Gasman & get honest, professional advice. 

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Get your HVAC equipment repaired by our professionally licensed gas technicians.  We offer homeowners great customer service and reliable repair work that is backed by a parts & labour guarantee meaning you know it was fixed right. 

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