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Ottawa HVAC Equipment Maintenance

Take care of your HVAC equipment & it will take care of you.  Scheduling maintenance is needed even for new equipment as it keeps moving parts lubricated, electronic parts working, & will increase longevity & performance.  As your heating & cooling equipment ages, it will require more frequent maintenance visits. 


Extend The Life Expectancy Of Home Climate Equipment


Increased Energy Efficiency


Improve Heating & Cooling Performance

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Ottawa HVAC Equipment Maintenance Service

Why Ottawa Chooses Gas Man HVAC Maintenance

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Customized Maintenance Schedules Unique To Every Gas Man Customer

Authourized To Repair All Makes & Models Of Heating & Cooling Equipment

Labour Guaranteed - Defects In Labour Are Covered For A Minimum Of One Year

Read Our Reviews - Gas Man is Ottawa's Most Trusted & Highest Rated HVAC Contractors

Our HVAC Maintenance Includes A Comprehensive Inspection, Servicing & Cleaning

Every Home Is Different & So Is Your Heating & Cooling Maintenance Schedule.

Does your furnace require a tune-up every single year?  That depends on many factors like the age of the equipment, how much use it gets, and even how often you are changing the air filter.  Each home climate system has different needs and that’s why we make our maintenance recommendations individually.  

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Your Air Conditioner Shouldn’t Be Growing Fur.

Schedule Your Maintenance Before You Forget! Now, Go Change Your Air Filter.

Avoid Sudden Furnace Repairs By Gettings It Serviced By Gas Man

Get A Professional Assessment On The Condition Of Your Furnace And Know Its Going To Last The Winter!

Get your old furnace tuned up by a licensed gas technician & get expert advice on the condition.  Often times scheduling a simple maintenance call helps Ottawa homeowners avoid costly and inopportune repairs.  

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FAQ HVAC Maintenance

What Is HVAC Maintenance?

During a maintenance call, our technicians will thoroughly inspect your residential heating & cooling equipment. We lubricate moving parts, clean blowers, burners & coils and service all the electrical components. HVAC maintenance is a necessary and important service to keep your home climate systems operating at peak performance. 

Why Doesn't Gas Man Offer Annual Maintenance Plans?

Gas Man does offer annual maintenance plans however we schedule them as required.  We are busy enough and don't believe in servicing a perfectly functioning furnace or air conditioner.

Customers should follow the recommended service intervals detailed in your user manual or consult with Jeff about maintenance schedules specific to your home climate needs based on the age, efficiency, usage and condition of your HVAC equipment.

Will Skipping Maintenance Void My HVAC Warranty?

Short answer yes, long answer no.  Most manufacturers recommend or require annual maintenance schedules for home climate equipment.  Failing to schedule annual maintenance will only void your warranty if the equipment was damaged due to neglecting maintenance needs.

Gasman is an authorized repair HVAC Contractor in Ottawa.  We can determine if your repair is the result of neglect or a defect.

Our customers have a close relationship with us and we tailor maintenance schedules based on many factors not just what's written in the owner's manual.

Do You Use OEM Parts?

HVAC equipment still under warranty requires genuine replacement parts or customers run the risk of voiding the warranty.  However, for older equipment with expired warranties, we can offer economical OEM replacement parts to help reduce maintenance or repair costs.

Is Maintenance Covered Under The Warranty?

No, maintenance is considered a part of the cost of ownership & homeowners need to plan for the cost of regular maintenance cycles.

Should I Change My HVAC Air Filter?

Yes, most Ottawa air filters are long overdue for a change.  Air filters are disposable and only how long they last depends on air quality, amount of airflow, humidity, season, etc.  Changing your air filter regularly will help your equipment run more efficiently and improve longevity. 

Does Regular Maintenance Prevent HVAC Equipment From Breaking?

Regular maintenance does not prevent you from experiencing a breakdown but it will significantly increase the chances you won't need a repair. 

You wouldn't not change the oil in your car - so you shouldn't neglect to maintain your HVAC equipment either. 

What HVAC Equipment Do You Perform Maintenance On?

We can tune-up anything that runs on natural gas! But in Ottawa the most common maintenance requests involve: 

Air Conditioners
Hot Water Heaters
Tankless Hot Water Heaters
Pool Heaters
Ductless Mini Split Systems
Heat Pumps
Natural Gas Generators
& Gas Fireplaces

Can I Do HVAC Maintenance Myself?

Many customers choose to complete their own HVAC maintenance as a low-cost method of making sure their equipment is operating well.  Some warranties require professional gas technicians to service equipment so make sure to read your manual before undertaking HVAC maintenance your self. 

Maintenance Tips, Reminders & Professional Advice From Gas Man’s Blog

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Get Your Air Conditioner & Furnace Tune Up In The Fall or Spring  

Maintaining your heating and cooling equipment should be done every 1-3 years depending on the age and condition.  Investing in regular maintenance prevents unforeseen breakdowns requiring costly repairs or replacements. Schedule your home climate maintenance online using the form below. 

Get Your Air Conditioner & Furnace Tune Up Any Time Of The Year.