5 Unexpected HVAC Improvements

Do you ever think about how energy efficient your home is? Probably only when the utility bills come in! The advantages of having an energy efficient home are twofold. On the one hand, using less energy will put more money back in your pocket, and that can really add up on a monthly and yearly basis. Beyond the financial picture, using energy efficient places less toll on our environment and is the more sustainable choice.

Here are five unexpected ways to improve your energy efficiency and extend the life of your HVAC system:

Power strips

Some electronic items in the house are taking up power even when they are not running. This is a big waste of both energy and money. You can plug these appliances and gadgets into a power strip with an off button, so the power is not running when they are not in use.

Go for energy efficient products

Some appliances take up too much power and cost you a fortune. If you look at the market and are going to make replacements, then opt for Energy Star rated models. You will notice significant drops on your energy bills.

Make some lifestyle changes

Use less paper or recycle paper, say no to plastics, and use energy efficient products. Moreover, if you find any leaky faucets around the house, fix it right away and do not waste water.

Switch to programmable thermostat

Your heating system works to its full potential even when you aren’t home. Get a programmable thermostat so that it can it can lower the inside temperature when you are away, and set it to gradually raise to your preferred temperature by the time you walk in the door after a long day.

Schedule regular furnace maintenance

If your furnace is dirty, clogged, or otherwise damaged, it will have to work even harder to maintain your preferred temperature in the home – if it works at all – and that costs money. Schedule furnace maintenance from an HVAC contractor in Ottawa and make sure your entire gas heating and cooling system are working at their best.

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