Understanding Energy Star® Ratings

If you’re a homeowner, you know well enough about how much energy usage and consumption can add up on your monthly bills. If you’re looking for ways to reduce your consumption and lower those bills, Energy Star certified appliances can help. Here’s how:

What Do Energy Star Ratings Mean?

Energy Star is a renowned certification behind Canada’s initiative in high-efficiency, low-energy products that was initially developed in the United States in 1992 and adopted by Canada’s Office of Energy Efficiency back in 2001. Since these products consume less energy, they also emit fewer greenhouse gases making them a benefit for both you and the environment.

Specifications and Guidelines

Whether it’s ventilation systems or general appliances, an Energy Star label can only be placed following specific requirements:

  • With the reduction of energy usage, many retailers will offer a reduction in the price as an incentive for purchasing them. In order for any appliance to have and Energy Star rating, they must equate to high-energy savings for consumers.
  • The product must still adhere to the same standards and operating levels of products without the rating. They must always perform as expected.
  • These low consumption products must be provided on a large enough scale so they can be offered to a large majority of consumers.
  • There must be an incentive for future savings, especially since many high-efficiency products require a larger up front investment than standard ones.

With the intention of increasing awareness of consumption habits and minimizing greenhouse gases, in addition to appliances, you can find Energy Star certified homes, furnaces, boilers, and central air conditioners.

Certified homes encompass a range of features that make energy reduction achieved on average at 20% than in comparison to non-certified home. From efficient heating and cooling systems, high performance windows and patio doors that maintain comfortable temperatures, along with efficient appliances – the options to help reduce a homeowners consumption habits are plentiful.

For products that contain the high-energy savings, products will be designated with the Most Efficient Energy Star Ratings, recognizing them as the leading edge in energy-efficient technology.

So if you’re considering purchasing products, appliances or even a home that is certified for energy efficiency, always look for the Energy Star Ratings. It will ensure that you are getting the best available products on the market that have been tested and approved for your satisfaction. Just because you want to lower your energy consumption, doesn’t mean you need to lower your expectations with performance. With certified Energy Star, you can have both.

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