A Quick Guide to Cleaning Your Ottawa Home’s Eavestroughs

If you’re living in Ottawa, you know just how long and harsh those winter months can be. And that goes for the exterior of your home. Now that we’re finally well into spring, it’s time to roll up your sleeves and clean out those clogged gutters from early spring. So put on some gloves, grab a helpful friend and follow this quick guide to help you get those eavestroughs nice and clean.


Before you begin to clean out the gutters, you will need to grab some things in order to prepare and make as little hassle as possible. First you will need a decent pair of rubber gloves. Next, look for a simple garden trowel, a good steady ladder and someone to help you hold the ladder to ensure it’s stable. You might want a hose or water of water close at hand to give the eavestrough a rise after cleaning it out.

Secure ladder and assess water flow

Get your friend to help secure the ladder in place. Then check the area where the downspout or drainage begins. Take a look to see if there’s anything noticeably clogging up the spout and remove any debris. Once you’ve cleared it away, hop up the ladder with some water and pour it through to assess whether the water can easily flow through the drainpipe. Have your friend keep watch as you pour.

Clear out the junk

Once you’ve cleared out the downspout, use your hands or garden trowel to remove and scrape away any debris, leaves and dirt within the gutters. As you make your way along, have a biodegradable yard waste garbage bag on the ground beside you to dump the debris in.

It’s important to always take note of your safety and only do what you can easily reach. Keep an eye out and avoid any sharp edges or low hanging wires. If you feel it may be unsafe, you can always call a professional to take care of it. Your goal is simply to remove what you can so that water can drain through and you can avoid any build up of water that may result in potential damage in the future.

With the weather warming up, spring cleaning is simply inevitable. If you notice it’s time to clean out your eavestroughs, follow this quick guide to ensure you can do it safely, quickly, and get on with your day.

While you’re checking items off your to-do list, don’t forget to bring in your Ottawa HVAC pro to inspect your systems and make sure everything is OK with your HVAC system. Especially since you’re going to turn on your air conditioning soon…

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