5 Risks of DIY A/C Repair

Canada is home to an incredible do-it-yourself (DIY) movement. Led by intrepid homeowners all across the country, people have taken home repair into their own hands. Even the most experienced DIY repair homeowner will tell you that there are a few things you should always leave to the professionals. Plumbing and electrical are two popular examples. Simply put, it is safer and more cost-efficient to leave these technical areas to the professionals. Another aspect of home maintenance that people are leaving to the professionals is A/C repair. Complicated and risky, there are several different problems that can occur when doing an A/C repair on your own. Below are the five risks of DIY air conditioner repair that you should know.

1. Can End Your Warranty

A/C units can be pretty expensive. Before attempting any work yourself, check to see what the warranty information regarding the A/C unit covers. You may be surprised to learn that working on the A/C unit yourself will void the warranty for the unit. As a result you will end up not being able to get money back for the unit if it malfunctions or get compensation for replacement parts. Leave it up to the professional and ride the warranty as long as you can.

2. Will Cost Far More in the Long Run

Unless you are well versed in the operation of A/C units, you may be surprised to learn just how challenging they can be to keep functioning. While you may be able to apply a temporary fix that buys you a few months, only a full repair by a professional will fix the problem. While hiring a professional up front will cost you more money, you will eventually spend even more if you attempt to repeatedly fix the A/C unit yourself and end up having to buy a new unit.

3. Takes a Considerable Amount of Time

Learning how to fix an A/C unit can take a lot of time and require trial and error. While some people can put in the time to learn how A/C units operate, the vast majority of us have way too much going on. Wouldn’t you rather sit back and chill out on a hot summer’s day instead of trying to fix a broken machine in 40-degree heat?

4. Potentially Permanently Damage the A/C Unit

Any fix you make risks permanently damaging your A/C unit and ruining the warranty on the product. If the warranty is void and the unit is permanently broken, you’ll have to shell out for a new unit, which no one wants to do in the middle of summer.

5. Cause Damage to Your Home When Not Working

Not having A/C for an extended period of time could potential cause warping of materials in your home due to the heat. Air conditioning regulates the temperature of your home and makes it safe and comfortable for you, your family, and your pets – but it also makes the home itself a little safer by cooling the temperatures and dehumidifying the space.

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