Monthly Archives: October 2015

Is it Better to Buy or Rent a Water Heater?

Have you recently purchased a home that needs to have its water heater overhauled or replaced? Has the water heater that you’ve been relying on in your home for years now finally kicked the bucket? If so, you’ve probably started to look into whether or not it makes sense to buy your new water heater…
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Keep it Clean: Save Money by Replacing Furnace Filters

Improve your indoor air quality, reduce energy bills, and extend your furnace life by performing some proactive maintenance or replacement of your furnace filters. This simple step can be one of the most important you can take to assure the long life of your heating system overall. When should you clean your filters and systems?…
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Saving Without Sacrifice: Keeping Energy Bills Low

We can all think of ways to save money on energy bills. Turning off water when you’re brushing your teeth, turning lights off when you leave a room, and so on. But how much can you really save without getting drastic with your savings measures? Here’s some quick tips if you want minimal impact on…
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